6.0 Powerstroke 175cc Injector (Set Of 8)




Product Information

Premium Injectors 2-3 Business Day Lead Time

PLEASE NOTE: WDI is 10-12 business days out on builds with OEM & NEW spool valves.

Click here for Core sheet: RETURN_THIS_SHEET_WITH_CORES.pdf

This is WDI’s most popular injector. They flow 40cc’s of fuel over stock.  These injectors are a great all-around set. They are capable of 500 RWHP. These injectors will require aftermarket lift pump and/or regulated return to ensure the proper fuel is supplied to the injectors.

We remanufacture all internal mating surfaces, inspect all pieces of the injector, replace defective parts, and test each solenoid. Every o-ring in and on the injector is replaced. Every injector we remanufacture is flow tested on our in-house flow bench. Each injector has 4 tests that it has to pass before being shipped out to you.


Includes: Warren Diesel 175CC Injector Set (8)


Spool Valves Options:

Oem – Reconditioned OEM spool valve with tested used wires 6 month warranty.
New – New WDI spool valve with tested, used wires 1 year warranty
Premium – Genuine Oem reman by Pure Power Technology.


Core Options:

Send In Cores First – WDI will build from your cores and will not ship until we receive them to build from.

Core Charge Pay an additional $800 for Oem, New Spool Valve and $1000 for premium until we receive your cores.

*This product is not legal for sale or use in California. 


Core Charge

Send In Cores First, Send Cores In After (+ $800)

Nozzle Size

Stock, 30%

Spool Valve

OEM, New (+ $300), Premium (+ $800)

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